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Regardless of the weather outside, Vintage Colorful Nature Removable Wallpaper will ensure that in your interiors will always be sunny summer. Yellow flowers and delicate green branches will make this meadow wallpaper always will bring warmth into your life.

How we made this yellow wallpaper?

Vintage Colorful Nature Removable Wallpaper is printed on self-adhesive micro canvas film with matt finish. Thanks to a special layer of acrylic glue, it is easy to install and repositioning. Designed for beginners and those with experience with removable wallpapers. Microfibre structure of your bothanical wallpaper allow your wall to breathe.

Requires special preparation of the surface, which must be clean, dust-free and smooth. It can also be installed on surfaces such as glass, smooth MDF or fridges. Do not install on old wallpaper, latex painted walls or in high humidity rooms.

For all of our products we use Eco-friendly ink, non-toxic, safe for kids and allergy sufferers.

If you want to test quality of our summer wallpaper and print itself, you can purchase sample.

You can customize your meadow wallpaper!

Because every yellow flowers wallpaper in printed to order we can customize it for you for free. During customisation, you can choose size of print scaling pattern up and down or even change colors of some elements. It makes your yellow flower wallpaper one of a kind! If you want prefere classic non-woven wallpaper or you want to install your wallpaper in specific places and need kitchen wallpaper or bathroom wallpaper, just let us know after purchasing that we could choose the best material for you.

How much of this nature wallpaper do you need?

Before you place order for your summer removable wallpaper, take two measurements of your wall: width and height in inches (1 inch = 2,54cm) and put them in fields above to purchase your custom size meadow wallpaper. Your blossom wallpaper will be print with extra 1 inch added to each dimension (height and width). If your wall has specific shape or your project is complicated, just contact with us!

We ship your Vintage Colorful Nature Removable Wallpaper with:

  • Installation guide of your garden wallpaper
  • Sample to test your wall before you install plant wallpaper
  • Everything is packed in a super safe tube!

*The pictures are only demonstrative. Colors may vary depending on the monitor you are using.

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