Wallpapers for kids

Being a child is the coziest thing in the world, and Wall2Stick is here to make sure your kids can live out their childhood days in the coziest way possible – with creative Kids Room Wallpapers. Whether your child is 5 months young or 5 years old, we’ve got something they’ll love. From little girls obsessed with pink hearts to young men passionate about wild animals, we’ve got it all.

Nursery removable wallpapers.

What’s the one thing you miss about being a child? For most people, it’s the (beautiful) lack of responsibility. People carry you around all day. Your most pressing daily decision involves whether to dress your Barbie doll in pink or purple, or, whether you should play Hot Wheels indoors or outdoors. No matter what you miss, there’s one underlying concept that shapes it all. Coziness.

Nursery wallpapers - breeze to install. The best part?

Our Nursery Wallpapers are a breeze to install. Seriously – why not get your cherub in on the action? They’ll have a blast. Think about it. Little ones are the biggest culprits when it comes to changing their minds. They’re still growing, and they seldom know what they truly want. Why not feed their evolving imagination by changing their wallpaper as their emotions change? Cats one week, pirates the next. Teddy bears today, butterflies tomorrow.

Kids Room wallpapers - the smartest, simplest way to keep your child happy.

Our Kids Room wallpapers are the smartest, simplest and most creative way to keep your child happy 24/7, 365. Worried about your little one tearing their Nursery Wallpaper? Not to worry. It would take a lot of strength to do so. Our wallpapers are strong, robust, high-quality and durable – just the way you like it.

Nursery wallpapers - show them!

If your kid is around, why not surprise them with a browse around our website? They’ll love what they see, and once you refurbish their room, they’ll never want to come out. Finally – some shuteye for you!