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If you are looking for a stylish wallpaper design that features a cute and quirky pattern then why not try the magnetic chalkboard removable wallpaper. This cool black and white wallpaper will easily complement your interior style, while still adding a burst of character with the fun print. Create a bespoke aesthetic feature wall that will effortlessly add a new chic, cafe-style theme to your room wall which will be admired by all.


Self-adhesive steel magnetic chalkboard, black with chalk laminate and acrylic adhesive, for use on smooth, clean and dry substrates. The film thickness is only 0.6 mm. It is a great idea for play and learning boards. Designed for creating washable school boards and home information boards. The chalk can be removed wet using a soft cloth. Magnetic Chalkboard wallpaper is suitable for mounting on all smooth surfaces such as walls, furniture or glass surfaces. You can attach any magnets, magnetic notepads and other magnetic gadgets, and surface is suitable for writing with chalk. Perfect for your child's room, kitchen or your office. The materials used in the production our magnetic chalkboard wallpaper are safe for children. There is the possibility of cutting any shapes, everything depends on your needs and imagination. Have fun !!

*This wallpaper is not a magnet itself and will not attract metal objects but magnets.


Removable wallpapers by Wall2Stick - 10-year guarantee!

You can sleep well and be sure that the wallpaper will always look beautiful if you buy in our store. We give you a 10-year guarantee!


Removable wallpapers - units.

You do not know how to convert wallpaper dimensions from inches to cm? Below you will find a solution:

1 inch = 2,54 cm
39 inches long x 23.5 inches wide = 100cm long 60cm wide


MATERIAL used to print our removable wallpapers:

● steel foil

● laminate

● non-toxic, safe for kids, allergy sufferers

● washable

● colour: black

● acrylic glue

● indoor application



- Your Removable Wallpaper

- Installation guide of removable wallpaper

- Everything is packed in a super safe tube


The pictures are only demonstrative. Colors may vary depending on the monitor you are using.


Self-adhesive wallpapers/removable wallpapers should not be used on walls with a rough surface as they can peel off.

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